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About Leo Rising Communications

Leo Rising Communications started as a passion company founded by Savannah Burns in October 2020. The mission of Leo Rising Comms is to help new and existing small business owners take their brand to the next level. Many new small companies aren't sure where to begin when it comes to branding or might believe that they don't have the budget for premium marketing. Leo Rising is here to dispel those obstacles! 

Leo Rising Comms offers creative services designed to elevate the story of you and/or your company. These services include WIX website design, video production, branding consultation, and graphic design. 

More than anything, Leo Rising Communications wants to be your ultimate cheerleader and work right beside you to bring your vision and dreams to life. 

Client Obsessed: Yup, Leo Rising is completely obsessed with you. When you hire me (Savannah), you're gaining a collaborator and teammate who will tell you all dang day how much she believes in you and your ideas. Because she genuinely does!  Leo Rising is here to encourage you, support you, and make a connection that will last through our careers and beyond

Empower: You might be unsure of your brand and where it's going. You might feel like it's too much to manage a website, keep up with social media marketing, and create branded materials. Yes, it's a lot, but I can not only help you establish a solid brand with a simple and straightforward marketing strategy, but I can TEACH you how to keep it going, saving you the cost of outsourcing those tasks. Or you can keep me on board your team and I'll take care of those details for you! Win/Win either way, am-I-right? 

Create: Creativity is pretty much my favorite thing and the whole reason I'm here. I want to create unique, inclusive, meaningful, and authentic things that represent not only your business, but who you are and what that means to you. 

Meet the Owner

Hey! I'm Savannah (she/her), and I love stories so much that I created a business so that I could tell them for a living. In my professional life I communicate through mediums like the written word, Camtasia, and Adobe Creative Suite. In my personal life I communicate through emojis, random sounds, made-up songs, crazy facial expressions, and a myriad of other quirky traits. 

I have two dogs (a big and a little) who make up 95% of the pictures on my phone and 1M% of my heart. I often exaggerate numbers partly due to not being a math person, but mostly due to dramatic license. When I'm not working I enjoy reading, yoga, a good chat, doing crafty type things, and binge watching shows I've already seen 100 times. 

I have many dreams in life fueled by passions like music, writing, coffee, animals - the list goes on. One of my ultimate dreams is to run this business I adore so much on a farm full of rescued animals; sipping my own blend of coffee in a beautiful garden with my dogs. 

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